Magnetic Cello Comes With No Strings Attached

Last year’s laser violin was the first re-imagined stringed instrument that didn’t actually have any strings. And not to be outdone in the orchestra pit of the future, this year it’s the cello’s turn to get a fancy stringless upgrade. But instead of lasers, the Magnetovore opts for magnets, requiring the musician to play it like a sort of cello/theremin hybrid.

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A Rare Trip On The Floating Train Yard Of Hudson Harbor

A Rare Trip On The Floating Train Yard Of Hudson Harbor

The only two options that freight trains have for accessing the east side of the Hudson River are to cross a bridge in Albany—140 painstaking miles North of New York City—or to ride a rail barge across the Hudson through the highly efficient marine-rail operation run by NYNJ Rail in Jersey City.

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Moves will share fitness data with Facebook after all

When Facebook bought Moves, the companies swore that they wouldn’t “commingle” data and raise hackles among privacy-minded users. Many took that to mean that Facebook would take a largely hands-off approach to the fitness tracker. However, it now…

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Reminder: Apple vs. Samsung Is Just a Professional Fanboy Fight

Reminder: Apple vs. Samsung Is Just a Professional Fanboy Fight

Yesterday, a verdict came down in the long, long line of Apple vs. Samsung patent disputes. But before you go thinking this is some huge deal, it’s important to note that nothing’s really solved and nothing will change. And that’s fitting, since this is just a giant fanboy fight.

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Deal of the Day: TRUGLASS Ultra Thin Flexible Glass for iPhone 5, 5C and 5S

For today only, purchase the TRUGLASS Ultra Thin Flexible Glass for iPhone 5, 5C, 5S and save over 50% off the list price!

This flexible glass iPhone screen protector uses a oleophobic coating that helps repel oil and water, keeping those annoying smudges non-existent. The film itself is shatter resistant and even has a 9H hardness rating, which means scratches will be a thing of the past with one of these applied to your display.

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